Get Involved

Get Involved

Join us in taking care of our city’s abandoned community cats by volunteering with us!

Delta View Cats (DVC) cannot thrive to serve our city’s abandoned community cat overpopulation without our awesome volunteers! We commit to every volunteer feeder who serves meals at any of our humanely managed cat colonies that we will provide the training, food and dishes to complete this task. We provide all trapping equipment for TNR projects. For volunteers who foster kittens/friendly adults, we provide most of the equipment, food and medical costs.

Targeted Trap-Neuter-Return

We teach and support our volunteers in humanely Trapping and transporting cats to get spayed/ Neutered and vaccinated. Most cats are then Returned to their outside home. If you have a reliable vehicle that can hold a trapped cat, you can be one of our Cat Taxi volunteers! Anyone who is able to hold trapped cats overnight before surgery or recover them after surgery is much appreciated. For volunteers who foster kittens/friendly adults, our goal is to provide most of the equipment and food needed, and cover all necessary medical costs.

Cat Trapper
Deliver, set and monitor trap(s) at identified sites. Requires vehicle with sufficient interior space to transport minimum one trapped cat to pre-op volunteer. Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds.

Cat Taxi
Requires vehicle with sufficient interior space to transport minimum one trapped cat from pre-op locations to spay/neuter appointment in the morning, and pick-up and transport to recovery location in the afternoon. Must be able to lift 25 pounds.

Cat Holding: Pre-Op and Recovery
Provide safe, climate controlled indoor space to hold trapped cat(s) for at least 12 hours before surgery appointment, and 24 hours to 4 days after surgery (depending on gender and any conditions requiring additional recovery). Provide food, water minimum of twice a day, clean trap(s) and recovery cages as needed. Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds.

Cat Colony Care

We feed several small colonies around our marina, several cats in a city waterfront park and cats located on city yards with no nearby caretakers. We provide one healthy, nourishing meal a day for 45+ colony cats. That’s over 1,000 cans of wet food per month! Our volunteer feeders provide the labor and DVC provides the food and any needed medical treatment!

Colony Feeder
Feed and provide water at single or multiple sites on a daily, weekly, or your-availability basis. Collect and clean dishes and surrounding area.

Cat Shelter Maintenance
Remove soiled straw, wipe clean, and replace with fresh straw at single or multiple sites on a weekly or your-availability basis.

Colony Support Coordinator
Develop and implement standard procedure for feeders. Work with feeders to insure ample food and supplies. Schedule substitute feeders. Develop contingency and succession plan for colony feeders. Coordinate medical treatment.

Volunteer Operations

We always need people who are people persons! That’s what an all volunteer nonprofit thrives on.

Volunteer Coordinator
Makes sure all volunteers know and understand their assignments. Maintain volunteer volunteer roster, and records of activities, events and achievements. Help create ways to let our volunteers know how much they are valued! Provide training or ensure training is received from appropriate experienced volunteers. Schedule volunteers for assignment. Track and document volunteer hours, activities, assignments.

Volunteer Recruiter
Collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure the Delta View Cats has sufficient volunteers in critical roles to maintain an acceptable service level.

Volunteer Handbook
Work with team to produce. Update and revise, as needed.

Organizational Operations

Since we are staffed 100% by volunteers, you can get involved by contributing your people skills when we work with city employees to set up shelters and feeders for colony cats. Or you may enjoy meeting our city residents when we canvass a TNR targeted neighborhood in search of residents who feed community cats and need our assistance to get them all fixed.

Neighborhood Educator
Canvass in specified neighborhoods to educate residents about TNR and DVC; identify sites requiring TNR; identify community cat feeders/colonies.

Expand our spay/neuter resources
Work with spay/neuter providers to negotiate cost of services. Track and review invoices. Maintain financial records and contact information for partner individuals and agencies.


In order to maintain our life saving work, we need volunteers to help with development and fundraising. This may involve reaching out via phone call or personal visits to companies, local businesses, or organizations who have community-based grant programs. Or someone with great writing skills to complete grant proposals.

Community Promotion
Promote DVC in a variety of settings including meetings of elected officials, community events, spay/neuter and adoption events.

Community Fundraising
Design and implement fundraising activities/events. Organize and promote food drives to help keep our food pantry filled with yummy wet and dry food.

Media & Community Engagement
Promote DVC on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor. Distribute educational materials and resources to the community.

Volunteer With Us!

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