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Delta View Cats is dedicated to caring for abandoned community cats in
Pittsburg, California. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and a 100% volunteer group. We trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate and release (TNR) community cats in our city. We currently have 50 cats in colonies around our waterfront and marina who depend on us for their daily meal and any needed medical care. We also foster friendly adults and healthy kittens to get them into an adoption path.

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P.O. Box 768
Pittsburg, CA 94565

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Mail check donations payable to
Delta View Cats
PO Box 768,
Pittsburg, CA 94565


Project Delta View Cats is a 100% volunteer-led program that ensures all abandoned community cats in our pilot project, in and around our marina and waterfront areas, are trapped, altered, vaccinated and returned back to the location they were found. Friendly adult community cats and healthy adoptable kittens are entered into adoption paths if available. Ensuring that community cats are altered greatly reduces the potential for population growth in this area.

Delta View Cats (DVC) team members have created a program to promote and deliver humane management of Pittsburg’s abandoned community cat over-population.  We proactively go into targeted areas in Pittsburg, invite community cat feeders/caretakers to register with us so we can assist them with no/low cost spay, neuter and vaccination services. We teach residents how to humanely trap community cats they are feeding and loan them the equipment to carry out their project.

DVC is also caring for approximately 50 abandoned community cats that reside in Pittsburg’s River View Park, and around our Marina and on a city maintenance yard. Our registered volunteer caretakers provide food and water at designated feeding stations built by the City of Pittsburg. They also monitor the resident community cats and make sure all cats are altered (spayed or neutered), allowing them to live long healthy lives with minimal impact to our community.  You can learn more about our work with these special cat colonies in the ABC Channel 7 News video below.

By donating you are helping the DVC team to care for abandoned community cats in Pittsburg. Our ultimate goal is to humanely reduce the number of abandoned community cats outdoors, leading to much less risk and harm to the cats. This will in time reduce predation of birds and wildlife and decrease the public’s concerns about potential public health and nuisance-related issues.