Supporting Our Local Street Cats

Delta View Cats is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and delivering humane care and management for abandoned community cats in
Pittsburg, California.We are a 100% volunteer group. We give one yummy meal every day to over 45 colony cats and provide them medical care when needed.

Delta View Cats’ (DVC) dedicated volunteer team members have created a program to promote and deliver humane management of Pittsburg’s abandoned community cat overpopulation.  We have taken accountability to guarantee that over 45 colony cats get one big nourishing meal every day of the year. If new colony members show up, we trap them for spay/neuter surgeries and necessary vaccinations. Anytime one of our colony cats is sick or injured, we trap it to get it to medical care. Delta View Cats has helped over 100 friendly abandoned community cats find their way to loving adopters!

Volunteers proactively go into targeted neighborhoods in Pittsburg, identify residents who are feeding community cats and offer to assist them with no-cost spay/ neuter and vaccination services. We teach residents how to humanely trap community cats they are feeding and loan them the equipment to carry out their project.

Why care for community cats?
First, just what is a community cat? Community cats are un-owned cats that live outdoors in the community. They may be unfriendly and afraid of humans, or friendly. They may have been born into the wild or may be lost or abandoned pets. Our ultimate goal is to humanely reduce the number of abandoned community cats outdoors, leading to much less risk and harm to the cats. This will in time reduce predation of birds and wildlife and decrease the public’s concerns about potential public health and nuisance-related issues.

Supporting Community Cat Caregivers
We respond to requests from our residents when they need assistance to get the free-roaming cats they feed the spay/neuter surgeries to end the growth of a larger cat colony. Our interventions have already helped stop many small cat colonies of two to three cats from becoming a colony of twenty or more cats within a year! Learn more about ways to get involved as a volunteer.

Your donations help the DVC volunteer team to care for abandoned community cats in Pittsburg. All donations are tax -deductible and 100% of donations go directly to the cats. We accept direct and in-kind donations. Learn more on the Donation page.

Humane Community
Cat Management

Trap-Neuter-Return, commonly referred to as TNR, is the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling the free-roaming cat population, which includes abandoned and lost pets and their offspring. Using this technique, cats are humanely and safely trapped, spayed or neutered, then returned after recovery to their outside “home” where a caretaker provides food and water (and some form of shelter, if possible). Ideally, kittens who are still young enough to be socialized to people (generally under 3-4 months old) and friendly adults are not returned outside, but adopted to responsible homes. The cats returned are monitored for injuries and illness and are trapped again if medical treatment is needed.

Ways to Get Involved

Targeted TNR

We teach and support our volunteers in humanely Trapping and transporting cats to get spayed/ Neutered and vaccinated. Most cats are then Released back into the community. If you have a reliable vehicle that can hold a trapped cat, you can be one of our Cat Taxi volunteers!

Anyone who is able to hold trapped cats overnight before surgery or recover them after surgery is much appreciated.

Cat Colony Care

We feed several small colonies around our marina, several cats in a city waterfront park and cats located on city yards with no nearby caretakers.

We provide one meal a day for 45+ colony cats. That’s over 1,000 cans of wet food per month! Our volunteer feeders provide the labor and DVC provides the food and any needed medical treatment!

Volunteer Operations

We always need people who are people persons! That’s what an all volunteer nonprofit thrives on. We need volunteer coordinators to make sure all volunteers know they assignments and report their volunteer hours. And we need help creating ways to keep all our volunteers feeling very appreciated!

Organizational Operations

Since we are staffed 100% by volunteers, you can get involved by contributing your people skills when we work with city employees to set up shelters and feeders for colony cats. Or you may enjoy meeting our city residents when we canvass a TNR targeted neighborhood in search of residents who feed community cats and need our assistance to get them all fixed.


In order to keep our organization running, we need people to help with development and fundraising. This can involve reaching out via phone or personal visits to organizations and companies and businesses who have community-based grant programs. Or we may need someone with great writing skills to complete grant proposals to help us help the cats.